刚刚使用Pythonista安装了一个stash,使用这个工具,可以使用pythonista直接运行一个Shell,其中也有很多的命令 - Define or print aliases - Print contents of file - Change current directory - Clear console - configurable speaking cow - Copy file - File encryption using AES in CBC mode - Transfer from an URL - Cut out selection portions of each line of a file - Configure dropbox accounts for other commands - Summarize disk usage of the set of FILEs, recursively for directories - UI for configuring stash - Output text to console - Open any text type files in Pythonista editor - Powerful file searching tool - Bring a background job to foreground - A simple FTP server - Interface to Python's built-in garbage collector - GitHub interface - Git client ported from shellista - search contents of file(s) - Display first lines of a file - A simple HTTP server with upload function (ripped from - List all jobs that are currently running - Terminate a running job - package manager - List files - Send emails with optional file attachment - Show help message (docstring) of a given command - Easily work with multiple filesystems (e.g. local and FTP) synchronously. - Print or check MD5 checksums - Create directory - Manage monkey patches with the goal to make Pythonista more viable - Display output one screen page at a time - Mount filesystems - Move file - Show the open in dialog to open a file in external apps. - Copy to iOS clipboard - Paste from iOS clipboard - Ping remote hosts - Search, download, install, update and uninstall pure Python packages from PyPI. - List environment variables - Print hexadecimal dump of the given file - Print current directory - Run python scripts or modules - Run python3 scripts or modules - iOS quick look for files of known types - delete (remove) file - delete (remove) directories - Copy files from/to remote servers. - Update StaSh from its GitHub repo - Print of check SHA1 checksums - Print of check SHA256 checksums - Sort a list, also see unique - Evaluate a script in the current environment - SSH client to either execute a command or spawn an interactive session on remote servers. pyte is used for terminal emulation and gives the command the feel of a full-fledged SSH client. - Generate RSA/DSA SSH Keys. - Change StaSh configuration on the fly - Print last lines of a FILE. - Manipulate archive files - Update timestamp of the given file or create it if not exist - Print a random tip - Unmount filesystems - Remove duplicates from list, also see sort - Unzip file, also see zip - Show StaSh installation and version information - Line, word, character counting - Open a url in the webbrowser - get data from the net - Show a description for some of the commands - Find the exact path to a command script Wake on LAN using MAC address for launching a sleeping system - Command constructing and executing utility - Zip file, also see unzip
zhimiao li Random thoughts and ideas.